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International Student Exchange

Bezalel has a vibrant student exchange program with 100 leading art institutions worldwide. Students from our partner academies are welcome to study at Bezalel for one or two semesters, usually during their third year of studies. Applications for exchange are submitted through the exchange coordinator at the respective academy. The institutions agree to recognize each other’s study programs, grades and accreditation systems. Exchange students pay tuition to their home institution and are exempt from such fees at Bezalel.

2012/2013 group of our international students : from Denmark 2, Czech Republic 1, Germany 21,  Taiwan 2, Canada 5, Finland 2, Switzerland 1, France 8, USA 12, Scotland 3, Spain 1, Netherlands 3, Britain 2, Italy 5, Belgium 1, Poland 1, Chile 1, Argentina 2

113 International students from 23 countries joined us for the 2010-2011 academic year .