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The Annual Ceremony of The 2018 Lola Taumann Prize

(26.11.2018, Jewelry and Fashion Department Gallery, )

for Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design, Awarded to Tali Leitner

Open Fields

(16.11.2018-26.11.2018, Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, 29th Line Of Vasilievsky Ostrov, 2, St. Petersburg, Russia)

Projects from the Bezalel Academy’s Department of Industrial Design

The Ilana Elovic – Bezalel Prize for Excellence in the Arts 2018

(13.11.2018, 12:30, Hall 222, Bezalel Academy, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, )

The Winner – Asaf Elkalai

E x c a v a t i o n M a r k ! R e v e a l P r e s e r v e G l o r i f y

(24.10.2018-23.11.2018, Hansen House - Centre for Design, Media and Technology 14 Gedalyahu Alon St., Jerusalem, Israel)

The exhibition was conceived during the studies in the Master Program in Policy and Theory of the Arts

מינימנט Miniment مينيمنت

(13.9.2018-12.10.2018, Hansen House, 14 Gdalyahu Alon St., Jerusalem, )

The exhibition was curated as part of the course "De Facto Exhibition"

Graduate Exhibition 2018

(19.7.2018-03.8.2018, Bezalel Campuses, Jerusalem, )

Screen Based Arts, Fine Arts, Ceramics and Glass, Industrial Design, Jewelry and Fashion, Photography, Visual Communications, Architecture

Showreal - Exhibition

(17.6.2018-07.6.2018, Bezalel Photography Gallery, Mt Scopus Campus, )

Students- Alumni - Teachers : Photography Dept

The Bezalel Residency Program End of Year Exhibition

(07.6.2018-26.6.2018, Edmond de Rothschild Center in Tel Aviv, at 104 Rothschild Blvd)


e by Stone: The Case of Jerusalem's Urban Future

(06.6.2018, 18:00, Hansen House, 14 gdaliyahi Alon st. Jerusalem, )

special event in the Urban Design Graduate Program

Urban Code TLV

(03.6.2018-08.6.2018, Edmond de Rothschild Center, Rothchild Blvrd. 104, Tel Aviv,)

Special Event - the Masters Program in Urban Design

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