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DESURBS : one day event

(12.5.2014, See inside)

Designing Safer Urban Spaces

Seder night in Jerusalem

(14.4.2014, 19:30, Ginot Ha'Ir Community Council on Emek Refaim 12, Jerusalem.)

Dean of students Bezalel and the Department of Ceramic & Glass Design at Bezalel together with “Orchim L”Shabbat & Yotzim nechnasim l’lev

Marche & Brille (Walk and Shine)

(10.4.2014-26.4.2014, Paris, France)

Jewelry and Fashion Department Exhibition at Tzuri Gueta's studio in Paris.

Daniel Clayman

(02.4.2014, Ribmam auditorium, Bezalel - Mt Scopus, Jerusalm, )

Guest of the Ceramics and Glass Design Dept.

Einfühlung - Photography Exhibition at the Goethe Institute

(14.3.2014-14.4.2014, See inside, Goethe Institute Sokolov 15, Jerusalem)

Curator: Gustavo Sagorsky

Japanese Contemporary Art from the MOT Collection in the context of Pop Art

(21.1.2014, 20:00, Tel Aviv Museum of Art)

A lecture by Curator Yuko Hasegawa

Green Architecture and Living Urbanity

(15.1.2014-31.3.2014, See Below, Bezalel Architecture Library, 1 Bezalel St., corner of Shmuel Hanagid St. Jerusalem, )

The Goethe Institute book display is at the Bezalel Architecture Library


(24.11.2013-28.11.2013, 6th Floor Fine Art Gallery , Bezalel Fine Art Department, Mt Scopus Campus, )

Multidisciplinary Group Exhibition - Incoming Exchange students

The Lola Taumann Prize 2013 annual Award Ceremony

(24.11.2013, 18:00, Auditorium 222, Bezalel Mt. Scopus Campus, )

For outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design

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